Wellingborough Ladies 1s (1) - (1) Earls Barton

Wellingborough Ladies, proudly sponsored by Prop-Search, gained a valuable point with a 1-1 Draw today against local rivals Earls Barton.

Wellingborough Ladies, proudly sponsored by Prop-Search, gained a valuable point with a 1-1 Draw today against local rivals Earls Barton.  Boro' started brightly with several strong attacks and good support play from midfielders Lizzie Mead and joint player of the match Erica Rose. Boro kept a tight defence with joint player of the Match Ella Valentino defending strongly alongside Pauline Woodthorpe and they managed to hold up any Earls Barton attacks backed up by some confident goal keeping from Sheila Nunn.
Boro managed to make several breaks down the right wing, with Megan Sanders and Erics Rose linking up well throughout the match.  Jemima Orton-Shanks held her ground on the left of the piutch, blocking out any EB attacks. 
However, Boro were caught out early in the second half and went one goal down with a breakaway goal from Earls Barton. Boro didn't give up and showed a real fighting team spirit with Boro's Megan Sanders  making some excellent attacking runs and Boro's superior possession finally paid off when Emily Plant expertly drove round the baseline and passed back to Mead, who skilfully finished a GK rebound to draw the game level.  As always, Boro's Emily Plant and Sue Langley were a force to be reckoned with, and Boro now travel away to take on Oundle's 1st team on the 21st October.
Wellingborough squad: Jane Valentino, Sheila Nunn,  Ella Valentino, Lizzie Mead, Pauline Woodthorpe, Emily Plant, Sue Langley, Maddie Russell, Megan Sanders, Erica Rose, Jemima Orton-Shanks and Karen Patmore.


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