St Neots 4 6/1/18

Wellingborough Mens 11 –St Neots 4s 0 Wellingborough Hockey Club Men’s 1st XI – proudly sponsored by – went on the rampage.

There were so many goals and so much possession for Borough (most of which the DoD and near faultless performer John Bishop was too far away from to see!) that this report concentrates on the contribution of the individual players.

Simon Morrisey: Calm and collected, recycling the ball well in midfield as well as launching out on some of his trademark ‘dinking’ runs. Needs to make sure he uses his voice more wisely so it lasts the whole game. Ably demonstrated what a cruel game hockey is by forcing a short corner whist knee-capping a hapless St Neots player who took no further part in the game.

Joe Bailey: Having made his first pass just before Christmas, the floodgates have opened and there were at least three more against St Neots. Always a danger up front, he must now concentrate on getting his match day pass tally closer to the number of drinks he has on a Friday night.

Matthew Bicknall: Opened the scoring and was a strong as ever up front. Also got into some good wider positions from where he controlled and distributed the ball almost like a hockey player.

Max Bilson: Always running willing to get back to help the defence out stifling any opposition attacks before they could get going. Menacing runs up front while always looking for another player in a good position to put through.

Azaan Shah: Another confident performance and was the only play to react and score when everyone else on the pitch was waiting for a whistle. Never hides from the ball and nearly always uses it simply and wisely when he receives it.

Steve Keal-Frayne: Great hat trick getting into perfect positions on the post. Now approaching something which might be called fitness is really beginning to show his class.

John Bishop: Had only two touches but involved in a controversial moment when skipper Simon Morrisey roared “Kick it. Kick it”. The keeper was initially puzzled as to why the skipper should pick this moment to encourage Joe Bailey to give up his smoking habit. The ensuing confusion led to St Neot’s most attacking moment of the game – a long corner.

Dan Hill: Displayed a fine array of skilful touches, turns, and swivel that would not be out of place on the forthcoming series of “Dancing on Ice”.

Luke Oakley: Only his footwork let him down and he should steer well clear of the forthcoming series of ‘Dancing on Ice!’ However, he is possibly the fastest player in the team when it comes to recovering from a slip and on at least on occasion he put together an impressive ‘Bambiesque’ sequences of slip and recovery. Dazzling!

Andrew O’Rourke. Scored a great hat trick. Great enthusiasm, great energy and deserved MoM (but probably should have scored six)

Andrew Wade: Solid at the back linking up well with his left and right backs while always looking for opportunities to get the book forward.

Paul Smith: Rarely beaten at left back and as the game went on gained enough confidence for some probing runs up the left wing. Probably best to keep the probing to a minimum next week though.

Jose Dos Santos: Lively and assured. Starting to make some good positional runs and keeping the ball strongly when under pressure until a team meat makes themselves available.

Aden: Seemed to appear from nowhere part way through the gamy and continued his run of mature performances.


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