March Town 2 14/4/18

Wellingborough Men,s 1st, proudly sponsored by PropSearch, closed the season with a comprehensive 8:2 victory over March Town 2nds. After a slow start and pegged back by an early March goal, Borough eased into total control like a well-oiled machine with all parts working in perfect harmony. Nothing like Luke’s car then! Here are some highlights from the game…

Popped Cherry. Congratulations to Dan for finally scoring his first, and very well deserved, goal for Borough. Hopefully this will be the opening of the flood gates which will lead to a tsunami of goals next season.

Langer’s Slammer. There was not one but two rare open play goals from the coach, the second of which was hit like a torpedo (albeit in the air). Fortunately, Brad heeded the loud cry of “Get the $%^& out the way when he suggested to Dave that a pass to him might be the better option.

End of Season Break. Brave or reckless? Probably both. Luke paid the price for coming from nowhere to dive between a March striker’s half completed tomahawk and the ball. We all hope he recovers quickly from the resulting fracture. Controversially, umpire RLC judged that Luke had not played the ball first and gave him a get well soon card and awarded a penalty flick while he was still writhing on the floor. March scored!

Poacher Bags a Brace. Ever energetic Steve ably netted with two deflections the second of which was as deft as they come.

Boil in the Bag. On a hot April day, long after the end of the season, keeper John Bishop appeared to suffer a touch of heat stroke when, with no-one in the Borough half, he decided to send a rifling kick up the pitch rather than let the ball go harmlessly out. Fortunately, the pass was placed straight to Wadey on the half way line and while everyone momentarily wondered what on earth was going on, 3 quick passes saw the ball finish in the March net.

Defender turned Striker. Having spent the season as a rock at centre back, Andrew Wade left it late to score his now highly anticipated one goal for the season curtesy of Bradley’s leg, a flick onto the keepers face, defelcted onto the crossbar dropping perfectly for a 3 yard half volley smash.

A fitting end to a highly enjoyable season offering great promise for next year with a blend of rapidly improving youth, experienced backbone, and enthusiastic newcomers. Fantastic team spirit. Bring on September.




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