Wellingborough Men vs Kettering.

In the penultimate game of the first half of the season Wellingborough took on top of the league Kettering.

The first half was a very close affair, with both sides creating chances with some very end to end hockey throughout. Several chances from Kettering were blocked by some excellent saves from Jordan Whitrow and some heroic last ditch defending from John Bishop, and Luke Oakley kept things at 0-0 for a long time. Solid play in the midfield and some penetrating runs from Dave Langley and Simon Morrissey combined with some excellent runs from wingers Dan Hill and Cameron James created some good chances for ‘boro. Despite the excellent build up play and patience, Kettering kept coming away with the ball.

A strong counter attack from Kettering in the last 5 minutes of the first half saw the ball fired into the D to the open stick of an unmarked Kettering forward, who easily deflected the ball into the open ‘boro goal. Wellingborough kept pushing forward but with little time left in the first half, they went to their half time team talk 1-0 down.

The second half was a little disappointing for ‘boro, summed up in this factually correct bulleted list.

  • 75% of Simon Morrissey’s aerials were not aerials.
  • Luke Oakley slid on the floor a total of 19 yards
  • Jordan Whitrow Shouted at his ‘Boys’, on average 4 times per minute.
  • Dave Langley wasn’t marking for 64% of the second half.
  • Cameron James got angry, and received 0 red cards.
  • Matt Bicknell made 12 seemingly invisible runs.
  • Jon Davies made very few mistakes despite thinking of horses 62% of the time..
  • Liam Wells was overtaken by his own players 23 times.
  • Andy O’Rourke chose to beat 4 players on their strong side, 8 times.
  • Niall O’Rourke just did what his dad told him.
  • Will Hill, despite all the odds remained a Saints W***er.
  • John Bishop lost 13 pints of blood from his knee, but topped himself up with Gin
  • Dan Hill looked sharp with his freshly cut hair, again.(Number 3 all over)
  • Bradley Ferris played with a 7 year old girls toy.
  • Kettering Scored 3 Goals.
  • Andy Wade was moving 2 houses.


Final Score

Wellingborough 0-4 Kettering

Man of the Match Simon Morrissey
DOD Andy Wade

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